Preview of Upcoming Office 2016 Release

office-2016Microsoft Office 2016 is on the horizon. In this post, we will let you know about all the new features you will receive by updating to the newest version of Office.

A few main features that may be of interest to your business are:

Co-Authoring (Word and PowerPoint)

You can work with multiple people in real time on the same word document or PowerPoint presentation. Each user has a cursor that is displayed in real time, and all changes are instant. There is also a pane for IM chat on the side, and this incorporates Skype for Business.

Simplified Sharing

Just click the “share” button to share your documents with coworkers. This allows you to more easily transfer documents, and work together on projects.

Office Themes

Allows you to use new themes, or go back to classic themes that you are used to. This will reduce the amount of learning it will take to get used to the new User Interface, and increase how comfortable your employees are with the changes.

Mail Triage

The “Clutter” feature learns how you manage your mail, and can automatically assign a priority to mail items. (low, medium, high). It will help you keep your mailbox under control. Great for users with tons of email.

Tell Me

Tell Me allows you easier access to help, and how to tutorials within office itself. Simply type in what you want to know, and it will give you a guided tutorial. Great way to learn more about the new features, and expand your knowledge about the program you are using.

As you can see, the new Office for 2016 is the most team orientated ever. Focusing on making things easy for a group to work on, it is a huge improvement in productivity in any office setting. With Superior Managed IT setting things up for you, you can take out all of the hassle of upgrading, and get all the benefits of having the newest, best Office ever.