Backup & Recovery Services

Data is the lifeblood of your organization. Don't leave anything to chance.

backup-and-recovery-it-servicesSuperior Managed IT offers a range of backup and recovery solutions for SMBs, including server recovery, data protection and backup services, to help you manage risk, reduce costs and meet compliance mandates.

Our Backup and Recovery Services leverage server virtualization, modern storage applications, and premise/hybrid/cloud-based data center services, ensuring your path to recovery is executed as quickly and cost-effectively as possible in the event of a disruption, data loss or a disaster.

Let Superior Managed IT and our Backup and Recovery partners help your business provide fast, flexible, and reliable recovery of non-virtualized and virtualized servers, applications, and data that supports VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, and Microsoft Windows, Apple, Android, and other Linux environments.

Server Backup & Recovery Service

All of your company’s data, residing either on our servers or your own, is backed up to a secure offsite data center, eliminating costly maintenance and upkeep and ensuring for maximum security and easy accessibility.

We perform server backups regularly and automatically, storing them on an expandable, fault tolerant storage area network. If for any reason there is a server data backup failure, you are quickly notified…

  • If you’ve engaged us to provide recovery services we manage the entire recovery process for you.
  • If you’ve opted for a services plan where you control recovery, you have access to our expert team of engineers during the entire process, including installation, failed data backups, and data restoration.

Our data center partners are secure, redundant and SAS 70 type II compliant.

Desktop and Laptop Data Backup & Recovery Service

Minimize data loss risk through the use of automatic backups for desktops and laptops that require no user or IT intervention.

Our Backup service works in the background using minimal resources, enabling users to keep working while backups are running with no loss in productivity. Non-intrusive automatic online backups are scheduled to run when it’s most convenient for your organization, without any intervention for users or IT.

Superior Managed IT’s Desktop and Laptop Data Backup and Recovery service enables instant retrieval of lost or damaged files. If users need to recover information—whether it be from a single file or an entire system—they can either contact us or access the data themselves from anywhere, 24/7.

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