Microsoft Skype for Business Managed Service

Reliable, secure and flexible communication tools to foster better connectivity and collaboration with your employees, customers and business partners

microsoft-skype-for-business-managed-servicesThe expense of staffing a Microsoft Skype for Business Engineer position in house is too much to bear for most small and mid-market companies. At Superior Managed IT, our Skype for Business managed service (formerly known as Microsoft Lync) assures the health and stability of your Microsoft Unified Communications system, covering IM/Presence, voice, video, web conferencing and enterprise voice telephony.

Beyond saving time and money on deployment, training and management, our Skype for Business managed service delivers improved performance, functionality and security all while reducing the total cost of ownership and providing a predictable monthly cost. We offer an SLA that’s backed by a team of experts 24×7 for a fraction of the cost of doing it in-house, and our expert Skype for Business Engineers function as an extension of your IT team, enabling your organization to focus on development, not infrastructure.

The benefits of our Skype for Business managed service offering include:

  • Improved planning, deployment and operational efficiencies
  • Access to a team of expert engineers
  • Reduced resource and training costs
  • Predictable service costs
  • Scalability
  • Service delivery underwritten by a powerful SLA