Why Choose Windows 10 Enterprise?

Why Choose Windows 10 Enterprise?

windows-10There many differences between versions of Windows 10, and it’s important to learn what these differences are and what will best suit your business.

Microsoft offers Home, Pro, Enterprise, Mobile, And Mobile Enterprise versions of Windows 10. All of these versions have the same basic functionality for home and personal uses, but there are some key security differences which make Enterprise the most attractive for businesses. To name a few, credential guard, increased hardware security, virtualization-based security, device guard and Long Term Servicing Branch.

Credential guard gives you a few options when securing your system.

Hardware Security – Credential guard uses platform security features such as Secure Boot and Virtualization.

Virtualization-based security – This ensures that services that run with “secrets” such as domain credentials (your username and password) run in a protected environment that is isolated from the running operating system. This ensures that any malware that may be running on the operating system is not able to access these “secrets”.

Device guard – Enterprise hardware and software features will lock a device down so it can ONLY run trusted applications. It uses the Enterprise controlled policy to determine if something is safe to run, or could cause damage to your system.

What about Sharing?

One concern people have about Windows 10 is how it uses their information. You may have heard of “Sharing” Wi-Fi passwords, and other “private” information. With Windows 10 Enterprise, it is up to your domain admin to delegate access to any of these “sharing services”. Microsoft also recently explained how it uses any data it takes from your PC. The information Microsoft collects from you PC, is on a “Need to know basis”. In that, the only reason they would collect information from your PC, is if it was crucial to your PC’s health, or needed for future PC updates. There is no information selling, sharing or viewing from anyone but Microsoft themselves.

One last HUGE advantage of Windows 10 Enterprise is “Long Term Servicing Branch” which allows you to postpone Windows updates while still continuing to get security updates. This means that you can pick and choose what new regular feature updates you receive, while still resting assured you’re always getting the most current security updates. This would all be managed by us, Superior Managed IT, and you would have peace of mind knowing you are only getting the features you need most on your computers and minimize issues with new features on your devices.