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Security for Every Layer of Your Business

Security touches not only software and applications, but every layer of your network infrastructure, vendors, and staff.

Start with a Strategy

Sound security requires a strategy that aligns people, processes and policies that you can build on as the threat landscape continues to change.

Threats are growing more hostile, budgets have been tightened, and skills remain at a premium. Yet important modern business imperatives like mobility, social media, web applications and big data pose ever increasing risks and inefficiencies if not properly managed.

There are countless configurations you can implement to your infrastructure to get started off on the right foot. Most often, however, the problem isn't starting off with strong protection- it's staying current with industry changes, updates and best practices.

Evolving Cyberthreats Require Evolving Security Standards

Security practices need to be fortified with continuous testing, monitoring and review. Superior Managed IT can help you solve these challenges through our integrated technologies, world-class threat intelligence, and highly flexible managed services tailored to meet the unique needs of your business.

Your Business Needs a Proactive Security Partner

Superior Managed IT has proven compliance and security expertise, sophisticated threat management capabilities, and business-class 24/7 support paired with fully integrated technologies and flexible managed services.

We help our clients get away the "daily firefight" that diverts time and resources away from critical business operations.

We will help you establish an automated, proactive and sustainable data protection, compliance management and business enablement strategy that will save you time and money.

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Network Security & Compliance


network maintenance

Security is a High Priority

If you're a business owner, security is a high priority to you. If it hasn't been in the past, now is the time to build a strong defense.

A lot of the industries we work with have regulatory compliance requirements they need to meet. They come to us when they need help with their network and infrastructure compliance because of our quick, non-invasive methods for data collection and analysis.

Our top 3 industries that we've helped are: 

  • Manufacturing - (Military, Aerospace, and Department of Defense (DoD) contractors)
  • Healthcare
  • Finance

Our Services

Tools for Testing, Monitoring, and Remediation

A few of our network security services and vulnerability management tools include Rapidfire Tools, Cyberhawk, Passly, and Dark Web ID. 

We utilize these tools to:

  • Proactively scan your network devices
  • Test and remediate vulnerabilities with your applications, databases and network
  • Identify and analyze end-user behavior
  • Detect changes made to user accounts: elevated permissions, additional security group access, etc.

Overview of a Network Security Assessment

Network Assessment overview infographic Superior Managed IT



Whether you're looking for an assessment to meet regulatory standards set by the Department of Defense for CMMC and NIST 800-171, or operate under HIPAA regulations, we offer flexible compliance services and solutions.

Compliance-as-a-Service (CaaS)

CaaS is the latest service offering within our cybersecurity and compliance-focused solutions.

With CaaS, we can utilize the following features from our tools to give you the transparency you need for regulatory commerce:

  • Automated Scans
  • Online Forms and Worksheets
  • Task Assignment and Notification
  • Auditor Checklists
  • Scheduled Scans
  • Risk Treatment Plans
Key Features of Managed Compliance
Automated Scans Technical scans performed by the Compliance Manager software. Removes human error by using the appliance to collect technical data.
Online Forms and Worksheets Complete worksheets and forms to provide information that isn't obtained through automated scans. Brings all pertinent network information into a single location that cannot be collected automatically.
Augment Data from Automated Scans Non-generic forms are created using the data collected within your network. Answer questions about your unique environment, users, and devices for details that cannot be collected automatically.
Auditor Checklists

Summary documents of compliance with cross-references to other documents, including Evidence of Compliance.

Assesses your compliance position to easily show Auditors how you are going about compliance.
Evidence of Compliance A document that shows detailed information from automated scans, augmented data, and questionnaires. Keeps information organized in one document to back up the Auditor Checklists with accurate data.
Information Policies and Procedures For organizations that may not have information policies and procedures (P&P) implemented, we provide a standardized P&P that is designed as a starting place. Since one of the first requirements for regulatory compliance is to have a P&P in place that conforms to compliance standards, we provide one ready to implement into your organization.
Scheduled Scans Performs re-scans on a periodic basis Looks for when you might need to updated compliance documentation to be current. 
Fortinet's Security Fabric

fortinet logo

Fortinet is our leading partner for network devices. With certified network engineers on staff, we have years of experiencing configuring and deploying infrastructures behind the protection of Fortinet's Security Fabric. We deploy devices with manufacturer support for Unified Threat Management (UTM) protection across next-generation firewalls, switches, and wireless access points, most commonly.

Within Fortinet's Security Fabric, our customer's utilizing these products benefit from the following AI-driven threat management:

  • Detection
  • Prevention
  • Protection
  • Remediation

We support all antivirus software. Our primary antivirus partner is Webroot, but we have worked with most, including:

webroot logomalwarebytes logovipre logo

Security and Awareness

Today, we protect enterprises with proven solutions and services for the full cybersecurity lifecycle. Our offerings include independent counsel for your information security requirements and enterprise solutions for IT risk management and continuous compliance.

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Produce reports that reveal which users have access to what systems, and what systems are configured with what permissions.

Detect anomalous activity, suspicious network changes and threats caused by vulnerabilities and misconfigurations

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Perform internal & external vulnerabilities scans and Dark Web ID and password exposure

ms 365 scanning

Perform comprehensive scans of cloud environments, including your entire MS 365 platform

Comprehensive Compliance Analysis

Compliance and cybersecurity are equally crucial systems to all businesses. While both include several core components that align and/or overlap, neither system completely fulfills or eliminates the other. Because of this, our tools allow us to customize the right plan for you based on your needs.

Required Documentation compliance icon

Required Documentation

Most regulations require a list both of specific documents (and documentation) that the client must produce and maintain. Our SIEM lite tool either has them built-in, or automatically generates them on-the-fly.

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Regular Assessments

Using a combination of automated network and endpoint data-gathering, our tools discover and report on every issue of non-compliance, along with a remediation plan for corrective action.

Compliance as a Service icon

Compliance as a Service

With our CaaS offering, we will configure a schedule to run regular, automated network scans, detect any new issues of non-compliance and take corrective action. Everything you do is recorded in the system as evidence of compliance.

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Assistance with Audits

Whether your organization adheres to DoD regulatory requirements of CMMC, NIST 800-171, ITAR, or other regulations like HIPAA, and PII, we can assess your level of compliance and help prepare you for your next audit.

Work with us to

Educate Your End Users


Data Governance Guidance

Many companies don't realize the vulnerabilities that a weak, or non-existent, data governance policy can expose them to. We help you produce a strong data governance policy with clear expectations and measurable outcomes for your staff.

Security Awareness Training

End users are the most vulnerable point of entry to a business entity. Our End User Security Awareness Training will teach your staff what to look for in spotting fraudulent emails. Save your company from becoming an exploited target with this invaluable service!

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