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Prevent, Detect, Respond

Cybersecurity & Compliance

Evolving cyberthreats require evolving security standards

Network security is a dynamic battle that requires a combination of the right people, processes, tools, policies and the enforcement of those policies. At Superior Managed IT, we've aligned these requirements to help small and midsized businesses prepare and defend their networks, train their employees, and protect their intellectual property with our Security Awareness and Training Management services. 

  • Advanced End-Point Protection
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Incident Response Plans
  • Security Awareness Employee Training
Getting Started

Managed Security is growing to $46B by 2025. What are you waiting for?

Security and Awareness

Today, we protect enterprises with proven solutions and services for the full cybersecurity lifecycle. Our offerings include independent counsel for your information security requirements and enterprise solutions for IT risk management and continuous compliance.

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Produce reports that reveal which users have access to what systems, and what systems are configured with what permissions.

Detect anomalous activity, suspicious network changes and threats caused by vulnerabilities and misconfigurations

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Perform internal & external vulnerabilities scans and Dark Web ID and password exposure

ms 365 scanning

Perform comprehensive scans of cloud environments, including your entire MS 365 platform

Comprehensive Compliance Analysis

Compliance and cybersecurity are equally crucial systems to all businesses. While both include several core components that align and/or overlap, neither system completely fulfills or eliminates the other. Because of this, our tools allow us to customize the right plan for you based on your needs.

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Required Documentation

Most regulations require a list both of specific documents (and documentation) that the client must produce and maintain. Our SIEM lite tool either has them built-in, or automatically generates them on-the-fly.

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Regular Assessments

Using a combination of automated network and endpoint data-gathering, our tools discover and report on every issue of non-compliance, along with a remediation plan for corrective action.

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Compliance as a Service

With our CaaS offering, we will configure a schedule to run regular, automated network scans, detect any new issues of non-compliance and take corrective action. Everything you do is recorded in the system as evidence of compliance.

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Assistance with Audits

Whether your organization adheres to DoD regulatory requirements of CMMC, NIST 800-171, ITAR, or other regulations like HIPAA, and PII, we can assess your level of compliance and help prepare you for your next audit.

Work with us to

Educate Your End Users


Data Governance Guidance

Many companies don't realize the vulnerabilities that a weak, or non-existent, data governance policy can expose them to. We help you produce a strong data governance policy with clear expectations and measurable outcomes for your staff.

Security Awareness Training

End users are the most vulnerable point of entry to a business entity. Our End User Security Awareness Training will teach your staff what to look for in spotting fraudulent emails. Save your company from becoming an exploited target with this invaluable service!

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Why Superior Managed IT?

About Us

We're a diverse team of Network Engineers, Network Architects, Service Desk Analysts, Cyber Security Specialists, Project Managers, Account Managers, Web Developers, Programmers, Data Analysts, Business Analysts, Administrators, and Interns.

At Superior Managed IT, we know the components of a well-rounded IT landscape like the back of our hand, and that's what makes us a top competitor in the growing industry of the Managed Service Provider (MSP).