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A client in the defense sector faced increasing demands to meet rigorous cybersecurity standards. As a government contractor, they were required to comply with the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) to continue their contracts with the Department of Defense (DoD). The client needed a secure and compliant IT environment that adhered to the CMMC guidelines, including enhanced protection of Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI).


The client's existing IT infrastructure was not equipped to handle the stringent security requirements set by CMMC. They needed a solution that could not only provide the necessary security controls but also integrate seamlessly with their current operations without disrupting daily activities.


Our firm proposed the transition to Microsoft 365 Government Community Cloud High (GCC High) as the optimal solution. GCC High is designed specifically for government entities and contractors that handle sensitive information, offering compliance with federal requirements, including FedRAMP High, ITAR, and DFARS.


  1. Initial Assessment and Planning:
    • Conducted a comprehensive assessment of the client’s current IT infrastructure.
    • Identified data flows of CUI and mapped out compliance requirements.
    • Developed a tailored implementation plan to migrate to M365 GCC High.
  2. Migration and Integration:
    • Set up the GCC High environment, ensuring all configurations met CMMC requirements.
    • Migrated email, documents, and collaborative tools from the client's previous environment to GCC High without data loss.
    • Integrated existing workflows and processes into the new system, providing training to minimize disruption.
  3. Enhanced Security Measures:
    • Implemented multi-factor authentication at the endpoint level as well as enabled SSO for cloud accounts, and secure access controls.
    • Configured advanced threat protection features within GCC High to guard against sophisticated cyber threats, as well as adopting zero trust protocols on all endpoints
    • Regularly reviewed security policies and access controls to ensure ongoing compliance with CMMC.


  • Successful Certification: The client successfully achieved CMMC Level 2 certification, differentiating themselves in the marketplace and enabling them to bid on new contracts and continue existing ones with the DoD.
  • Enhanced Security Posture: The migration to M365 GCC High significantly improved their security posture by providing robust cyber defenses tailored to the needs of government contractors.
  • Seamless Operation: Despite the major system overhaul, the transition was completed with minimal impact on the client’s daily operations, and employees quickly adapted to the new system.


The transition to Microsoft 365 GCC High enabled our client to not only meet CMMC requirements but also enhanced their overall cybersecurity framework. This case demonstrates our firm’s expertise in navigating complex compliance challenges and implementing secure, compliant cloud solutions for government contractors.

Specific details about the client, the nature of their data, and precise security measures have been generalized to maintain confidentiality.


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