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How We Do IT

How We Do IT

Service Desk

We have a very strong team of Level 1, 2, & 3 Service Desk Analysts and Network Engineers that drive our day to day workflow. Our Service Desk is streamlined with only 1 number to call. That means your support requests are triaged internally without being passed around from one department to another.

3rd-Party Vendor Assistance

We serve as a liaison for third-party vendors, be it a software manufacturer or Internet Service Provider (ISP).
You will never hear us say "sorry, we can't help you with that" or "that isn't something we do".


We have around-the-clock monitoring and support for those after hours emergencies. Our technicians are in an On-Call rotation to ensure our clients are getting the visibility they need on their critical network infrastructure.

On-Site & Remote Support

We offer on-site and remote support for all clients. We pride ourselves in our ability to handle the majority of support requests over the phone, but sometimes remote support just doesn't cut it. Whether you opt-in for a weekly site visit to be included in your service schedule, or just need a technician on-site ASAP to troubleshoot a complicated network outage, our Service Desk will meet your expectations.

End-User Training

We now offer a feature that sets us apart from other IT Service Providers in the area: End-User Training. We create and present engaging training topics directly to your organization's front line, management, and C-level employees. When it comes to technology, better informed workforce leads to a more productive and secure workplace.
All content is created in-house. Training topics are available by request.

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