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3 Reasons To Make Regular Data Backups

Having server backups and recovery plans is essential for any business with critical or sensitive business information stored on electronic systems.  At Superior Managed IT we offer the highest quality in backup and recovery systems. Here are a few reasons that having these backups is important.

Avoiding Operational Delays

Power outages or server crashes can make critical information inaccessible, putting business operations on hold. Having a recent backup and recovery system will reduce the effect of detrimental server events, and get your business operations up and running again in a shorter time.

Protecting Critical Data

Many businesses have essential documents and information purely in digital formats. This can be anything from employee documents, to order details, to customer information. Losing that kind of data is often the equivalent of money lost, and a lot of it. Data backups ensure that critical information is never lost.

Long and Short-Term Security

Another important aspect of server and data backup is that it should be done in stages. A full data backup will secure all of your information, which is important in the event of a large-scale loss. There are also incremental data backups, which will protect only recent information, and are helpful because they can be more quickly restored and can be used to verify the authenticity of data before submitting it to customers or other companies.

Superior Managed IT is here to help you revolutionize your company’s IT and ensure the safety and security of your data. For more information about our data backup and recovery services, visit us online, or contact us today!

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