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The Convergence of IT & Operational Technology in Fortinet’s New SD-WAN Appliance

Emerging SD-WAN Technology Has Hit the Market Fortinet announced the release of the first ever SD-WAN appliance for operational technology (OT) environments: FortiGate Rugged 60F.  Software-defined wide-area networking (SD-WAN) has been growing rapidly on the corporate side of many organizations. It ...

Ransomware on a user's laptop

How to Prepare for Cyberattacks as a Growing Business Interruption

Businesses prepare for downtime from natural disasters with network devices like a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) for unexpected power outages, cloud backups for recovering on-premises data lost in a fire, etc. Which then raises the question: how are businesses preparing for a malicious disaster? Find out how you can prepare for a cyberattack to minimize downtime and interruptions.

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SD-WAN: What is it and Why is it Changing Business Networking?

SD-WAN is a new technology with a board range of offerings and varying designs. It allows IT to tackle daily challenges with one network implementation. With SD-WAN, networks can deliver routing efficiently, protect itself from threats, offload expensive circuits efficiently, and simplify WAN network management.

strong data governance

The Importance of a Strong Data Governance Policy

Did you know your data is more vulnerable now than ever before? Learn how you can minimize risks on your business's file sharing platforms. You'll understand the reasons why producing a data governance policy for your business can help you protect your intellectual property and sensitive data.

COVID-19 Work from Home Quarantine Image by thedarknut from Pixabay

Tips to Stay Connected with Your Staff Remotely

In wake of COVID-19's impact on local and national businesses, we've been seeing a lot of requests for team collaboration solutions using modern technology to host video meetings, and easily collaborate with chat/instant messaging software. Find out our top recommendations here!

home network security

Tips for Enhancing Your Home Network Security

If you are still using the out-of-the-box settings for your home network, you could already be, or easily become compromised. The good thing is, you can factory-reset your home network router, but then what’s next?

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