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Boost Your Business with Microsoft Azure and Cloud Computing

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Boost Your Business with Microsoft Azure and Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has come a long way in just the past ten years, developing alongside the internet as a great way to backup important data, host blogs and websites, stream digital audio and video, analyze data, and much more. Developed in 2010, Microsoft Azure (originally Windows Azure) has led the charge in delivering a full suite of IT services to businesses of all sizes. Here are just a few ways Microsoft Azure and Superior Managed IT can help your business succeed in today’s advancing and competitive business setting. 

Flexible Options for Businesses of All Sizes 

Microsoft Azure and cloud computing generally come in three broad categories to help business perform specific functions, each one building on the other. First is infrastructure-as-a-service, (or IaaS). This most basic option provides you with servers, storage, and networks according to your business’s needs. Second is platform-as-a-service (or PaaS) which provides developers an on-demand environment in which to create software for both the web and mobile without worrying about setting up the hardware typically required to do so. Third is software-as-a-service (or SaaS), which is a method of providing software applications over the internet on demand and typically through subscription. With SaaS, you’ll never have to worry about falling behind with software or security patches – that’s all taken care of by us. 

Reduced Cost and Increased Speed 

One of the most expensive aspects of expanding a business is the heavy investment of hardware and software and continued management and support of those systems. Cloud computing greatly reduces those costs by relying on outside sources like Superior Managed IT for IT services and server power. Cloud computing also provides self-service on demand; even vast amounts of computing power can be called on in just minutes and offer valuable software tools (such as those in a SaaS environment) in seconds. These resources can be available across the globe with minimal planning. 

Hybrid Cloud for Flexibility 

Not all clouds are the same. A public cloud, for instance, is owned and operated solely by a third-party cloud service provider: Microsoft Azure  is a example of this. Private clouds are used exclusively by a business or organization, typically with onsite hardware. Superior Managed IT provides a hybrid cloud infrastructure model that provides the agility to run workloads both on and off-premises. 

Take your work resources with you wherever you go with Superior Managed IT's cloud computing and Microsoft Azure services today and boost your business’s productivity and flexibility. Contact us today for more information.

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