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Tips to Maintaining Security as a Small Business

You may have just started your own business, or you’ve found success for a few years and want to expand. That’s great news! A large problem stands in your way, however; compared to larger companies that can withstand any potential risk, the impact that IT security breaches can have on a small business can be extreme.

A virus or outside intrusion on a company computer, stolen credit card numbers, or lost data to faulty hard drives can ruin a business overnight. Here are some of the ways you and Superior Managed IT can help you prevent disaster and help your small business continue to grow.

  • Protection from viruses, malware, ransomware, and other outside interference. Make sure every computer on your network is equipped with the best virus protection software, and ensure it updates automatically to keep you secure. Nothing is worse than having your essential data stolen or held for ransom.
  • Establish good security practices and policies early. This is where Superior Managed IT can really help. We can assist you and your employees on the best industry practices on password management, data backups, and much more. This might also include informing your employees on what not to post online about your business.

  • When it’s necessary to purchase equipment or services, work with your bank to ensure your cards remain secure and manage your cash flow. Identity theft and stolen card information don’t just happen to individuals; they can happen to business credit cards too.
  • Make regular backups of all sensitive information about your business. This can include word processing documents, databases, spreadsheets, HR files, and financial files. This should be done at least weekly to an offsite location or on the cloud.

  • Lastly, control physical access to your computers and network. Having an offsite network is a great solution, but you should also keep track of any laptops and other devices that may leave the building after hours. These can be vulnerable to intrusion.

We at Superior Managed IT want nothing more than to see your business grow. Hopefully keeping these tips in mind, we can help you make your business safe and secure.

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