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The Preparedness Mindset: Minimize the Impact of a Cyber-Attack

Knowledge is power. Understand the driving forces behind why many businesses are implementing strong cybersecurity measures, and the importance of preparation.

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The Broadcom Acquisition of VMware: Implications for Non-Invited Customers

Explore the Broadcom-VMware acquisition's impact on cloud computing, licensing shifts, and strategies for transitioning to Hyper-V.

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Technology Budgeting Tips for Small Businesses

It’s important for all businesses to have a well-defined IT budget since now more than ever, experiencing an outage in our current market’s unpredictability with supply chain issues cause thousands of dollars in productivity loss and profitability. Budgeting for your technology can be tricky if you don't know where to prioritize spending. We've put together some essential tips to help you stay on track. 

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Tips for Qualifying a Managed Service Provider for Your Business

Finding a managed service provider for your business can be a challenge. You likely wouldn't hire a senior-level employee without being qualified, validated, and knowledgeable about your industry. Same goes for your IT partnership. These tips can help you through the process to feel more confident in your decision.

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Change Management Basics for Technology Refreshes

Change management is an approach that deals with the change or transformation of organizational processes, objectives and technologies. The goal of change management is to find strategies to implement and govern transformation while also assisting people in getting accustomed to it.

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6 Factors to Consider When Refreshing Your Technology Infrastructure

Every business wants to achieve their goals and be successful. However, if you approach your technology infrastructure as an afterthought, you could be seriously restricting your organization's potential.

A technology refresh allows a company to assess its IT infrastructure's present condition and evaluate the benefits of trying something more effective. For a company's long-term success, it's ideal to examine its current IT infrastructure (hardware, software and other technology solutions) and see what other options are available that would better suit its needs.

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Adopt Zero Trust Security for Your SMB

Implementing Zero Trust Security within your business can help guard against data breaches, downtime, productivity loss, customer churn and reputation damage. Over 70% of businesses planned for the deployment of Zero Trust in 2020 and it is even more critical for SMBs in an era where workforces and networks are becoming heavily distributed.

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Tips & Tricks for Microsoft Office

Everyone has heard of Microsoft Office. Whether you are an avid writer or just create an occasional work PowerPoint presentation, you are familiar with itThere is a good reason it has been the most popular office suite for three decades – it’s the best. The following information will be helpful at home and work. No resume is complete without Microsoft Office 

Read on for tips that can benefit every user. 

Woman in a virtual meeting on laptop.

How to Host a Successful Virtual Meeting

Modern audio/video (A/V) technology and collaboration platforms provide useful features that help to increase the productivity of a virtual meeting. Technology is the platform for an efficient meeting, but it’s the role of the meeting host to provide a solution that drives productivity, and the role of the participant to limit distractions. 

The following tips will help you and your team gain confidence in producing and hosting meetings with concise objectives, engaged participants, and easily identifiable action items. 

network management - cloud or on-premises infrastructure

Which Industries Should Utilize Network Management Services?

Today, most businesses use computer networks for a wide range of purposes. As a result, any downtime or performance issues can be disastrous. This is especially true for specific industries, making network management essential. This service can target potential problems and prevent them from wreaking havoc, which will benefit the following businesses.

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