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Office 365: Your Workspace in the Cloud

Office 365 (O365) is the cloud hosted, subscription-based version of Microsoft’s Office Suite productivity apps. Having a cloud-hosted environment comes with several perks to boost convenience in the digital age.

online learning resources

Online Learning Resources

With a large percent of businesses going paperless and/or hosting a majority of their enterprise online, it’s only a benefit for you to increase your technological repertoire through online learning.

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Boost Your Business with Microsoft Azure and Cloud Computing

Microsoft Azure and cloud computing generally come in three broad categories to help business perform specific functions, each one building on the other: IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS

Tips to Maintaining Security as a Small Business

Tips to Maintaining Security as a Small Business You may have just started your own business, or you’ve found success for a few years and want to expand. That’s great news! A large problem stands in your way, however; compared to larger companies that can withstand any potential risk, the impact th ...

Why You Should Outsource Your IT

In today’s day and age, IT is vital to the operation of a business.  The question, though, is not whether or not you need IT, but whether or not you should build an IT department within your company or outsource to IT professionals. If you’re a large, continually growing company, it may be in your ...

3 Reasons To Make Regular Data Backups

Having server backups and recovery plans is essential for any business with critical or sensitive business information stored on electronic systems.  At Superior Managed IT we offer the highest quality in backup and recovery systems. Here are a few reasons that having these backups is important. Av ...

Welcome to Our Blog

Our mission at Superior Managed IT is to ensure that you have the best IT services available and to help you along every step of the IT process. We are well equipped to help you design, implement and operate the best technologies for your business, and our commitment to accompanying each job through ...

Bad Passwords Make Security Worthless!

You can have the most secure infrastructure in the world, but if someone gets your username and password, all of that security is for nothing. At Superior Managed IT, we do our best to prevent malicious breaches for all our clients’ IT infrastructure. Despite following the best IT practices for soft ...

Why Choose Windows 10 Enterprise?

There many differences between versions of Windows 10, and it’s important to learn what these differences are and what will best suit your business. Microsoft offers Home, Pro, Enterprise, Mobile, And Mobile Enterprise versions of Windows 10. All of these versions have the same basic functionality ...

Preview of Upcoming Office 2016 Release

Microsoft Office 2016 is on the horizon. In this post, we will let you know about all the new features you will receive by updating to the newest version of Office. A few main features that may be of interest to your business are: Co-Authoring (Word and PowerPoint) You can work with multiple peop ...

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